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Published: July 12, 2014

Last time we talked about the general benefits of using credit cards vs. cash. However, there might be even more benefits to credit cards than those. Interestingly, most people don't use them because they are not widely advertised. If you have a credit history stretching for a few years, the chances are you have at least one or two Visa Signature cards in your portfolio. Just check if your Visa card has the word Signature on them.

Visa Signature cards have quite a few benefits, but some are better and more useful than others. In fact, Visa Signature cards offer some of the benefits we talked about last time, such as purchase protection and extended warranty. Here is the hand-picked list of the best (IMHO) Visa Signature bennies, you could really use in your life. For the full list of benefits, please go to the Visa Signature Web Site.

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

    Just decline the extra warranty offered to you by the rental agency, and you will be covered by your Visa Signature Collision Damage Waiver. Note, however, that in the US most credit cards only provide a secondary coverage. Your primary car insurance company will need to be engaged first.

  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement

    If you pay for your ticket with a Visa Signature card, you will be reimbursed if the airline loses your luggage, up to $3,000 per trip. The exact coverage levels will vary for different cards.

  • Travel and Emergency Assistance

    They are a bit vague about all the services this benefit covers, but there are a lot. Think about any kind of jam you can find yourself in while traveling. You might need a referral to an English-speaking doctor or dentist, prescription services, legal assistance, emergency transportation, travel advisory, and so on. You will have to pay for the specific services you receive, of course. At the very least, it will save you hours of research, and in emergencies, having access to viable information like this can be a lifesaver.

  • Warranty Manager Service

    This is another neat service that very few people use. You already know that many credit cards extend your warranty service for one year. Visa Signature, however, goes one step further and allows you to register all your purchases with them. Keeping all your warranties in one place will help you to avoid paper clutter.

  • Emergency Cash Disbursement

    If your card is lost or stolen and you urgently need money, Visa Signature will loan you some cash. Remember, though, that this constitutes a cash advance which means the interest is higher and starts accruing immediately, so pay off your card as soon as you can.

  • +1 Movie Ticket on Fandango

    Can't be easier than this. Buy two or more tickets on Friday for a Friday show and the second (or third, or whatever) ticket is free. This is a limited-time offer valid until 08.08.2014.

    There are also different perks and discounts for shopping and travel that are location- and card-specific. The point is, read the fine print when you receive the card. Not all fine print is about gotchas. Sometimes, you can miss out on the good stuff.

    This is a post by Andy Shuman, a credit and travel expert who blogs at He writes and blogs during and between trips that he enjoys free of charge mostly due to creative use of credit card offers. He believes that credit cards are much more than just a convenient way to pay for a purchase, and that the benefits of responsible credit habits can go far beyond getting the best rates for loans and mortgages.

    Andy is the author of bestselling books from Lazy Traveler Handbook Series available on Amazon. When he's not traveling, he lives with his beautiful wife and daughter in Brooklyn, NY.

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